Soil working

Soil working

This part of the job takes a lot of time and in our case has to be well thought.  Add steep slopes to our schist soil and it makes the work more difficult and possibly really dangerous. Some plots can’t even be mechanized because of this ! On the rest of the vineyard it’s case by case because we evaluate the risks for us and the machines compared to the results.

The other problem with this kind of soil is the erosion and working it doesn’t help at all. This is an important parameter to keep in mind for the vines longevity and the preservation of the nature around us.

Finally, most of the underground life is located in the first 20/30 centimers under surface. This includes roots, worms, etc. and those are really important for the natural preservation of the ground quality like aeration and drain.

All these parameters make the plowing kind of work really questionable and we tend to reduce or completely stop this because our soil is already poor enough and trying to preserve it is one of our main goal.

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