Barroco is the « UFO » of our range. This wine is both simple, due to the pure Cinsault, and complex when tasting it. It can fool even the most professional tasters while tasting it blindly because it looks like a Burgundy Pinot Noir!

Those old Cinsault plots (70/80 years old) that are becoming increasingly rare were only used to make rosé at first, until one day. We said “why not try a red out of those grapes?!”

Barroco is the result of some audacity and a successful test, because winemaking is like cooking and the creativity is very important.

Its nose is promising and show little by little beautiful notes of garrigue flowers and black fruits.

The tasting starts with some crunchy fruits followed by a surprising complexity that includes a wide range of aromas from licorice to mature figs.

Barroco is typically a “friend’s wine” to open for an aperitif, even in summer, slightly refreshed. It will be a perfect pairing to your French charcuterie, Caesar’s type of salad or quiche Lorraine!

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